Exotic Blends

& Classic Concoctions

Jinja Express

A perfect blend of Bacardi Coconut Rum, Cointreau, island syrup, fresh lime juice and smooth, cask-aged Bacardi 8 Rum, served in our unique Tiki glass. Not smiling could be one of the hardest things you have to do today.  12

Gene’s Mai-Tai

Translated, Mai-tai means “out of this world!” 
Our Tiki cocktail from the 1940s features Myer’s dark Jamaican rum, Mount Gay Eclipse gold rum,
Grand Marnier and fresh juices. 12

Pain Killer

Originating and perfected at Sandcastle's Soggy Dollar Bar in the 1970's. Features Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Coco Real, pineapple juice and orange juice. The ground nutmeg on the top made the swim to the Soggy Dollar Bar worth the effort. 11

Duke’s Blue Hawaiian

This truly tropical masterpiece blends Bacardi light rum, pineapple juice, Blue Curaçao and Coco Real. An island favorite named after Duke Kahanamoku.



Brazil’s national cocktail made with Cachaça which,
like rum, is made from sugarcane. This drink features Leblon Cachaça, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. 11.5

Pina Colada

Originating in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 1950s, our frozen version of this classic features Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Coco Real, pineapple juice, with a float of Myers's Dark. Jamaican Rum on top. 12

Bahama Mama

Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Myers's Dark. Jamaican Rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum and fresh fruit juices, with a dash of bitters. 12

Jinja Guava Daiquiri

Escape to the Caribbean with a Jinja twist on an all-time classic. We have taken Cruzan's Guava Rum, aged Bacardi 8 Rum, fresh pressed lime, and our house infused lemongrass Simple Syrup. Chilled and served straight up. This island favorite will have you hooked. 12

Singapore Sling

A classic since its invention in 1915 at the Long Bar of Raffles Hotel in Singapore. This tiki cocktail combines Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cherry Herring, and our special blend of fresh lemon and lime juices. 11


Created in the 1930's as a hangover cure at the renowned Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood. This timeless classic features Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Myer's Dark. Jamaican Rum, apricot brandy and fresh fruit juices. Be careful—it might sneak. up on you! 12




Classic Mojito

Fresh, muddled mint, Bacardi Superior Light Rum, our house made lemongrass simple syrup, fresh squeezed limes, and club soda. Try with a touch of lavender bitters for refreshing twist. 12

Blackberry Mojito

Pucker up, butter cup! To make this cocktail, we take our classic mojito and add our fresh blackberry purée. 12

Bacardi Dragonberry Mojito

Tempt your senses with an exotic twist on our classic with this Dragonberry Mojito. Made with Bacardi Dragonberry Rum. 12

Mango Mojito

We start with our classic Mojito using Bacardi Superior Light Rum, then add a delicious mango puree to make this tropical indulgence. 12

Prickly Pear Mojito

The Caribbean meets the southwest with this exotic version of Cuba's beloved cock.tail. Prickly Pear Puree combined with our signature Classic Mojito. It's an instant favorite. 12

Coconut Mojito

Fresh, tropical and one of a kind! Our unique house infused coconut rum makes this must-have mojito a Jinja Exclusive. 12

Passionfruit Mojito

Try our newest specialty mojito. Made with a delicious passionfruit syrup and Bacardi Light Superior Rum. 12


Classic Moscow Mule

The original that started it all. Simply made with Absolut Vodka, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer and fresh lime juice. 11.5

Jinja Mule

Our fresh spin on a classic. A smooth and refreshing mule made with Absolut Vodka, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, fresh squeezed lime and grapefruit juice topped with a splash of soda. 11.5

Irish Mule

Careful with this Mule; it bucks! Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, fresh squeezed lime and a splash of soda. 12

Kentucky Mule

How do you make a mule really kick? Add a touch of American Bourbon! Maker's Mark Bourbon, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, and fresh squeezed lime. 11.5

Mezcal Mule

This mule migrated from Mexico. Made with El Tesoro Reposado, Sombra Mezcal, fresh lime, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer and fresh mint with a salted rim! 12

Lavender Mule

Entice your all your senses with this mule. Made with Absolut Vodka, fresh mint, fresh squeezed lime, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, and just a drop of our famous lavender bitters. 12

Pomegranate Mule

Pomegranate is this mule's passion, start with Absolut Vodka, Pama liqueur, fresh squeezed lime, and Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer. 12

Cranberry Mule

This mule is absolutely Cran-tastic! Made with Absolut Vodka, fresh mint, fresh squeezed lime, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, cranberry bitters and cranberry juice.​ 11.5

Coconut Mule

This mule aims for the coconuts! Made with Stolichnaya Russian Vodka, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, fresh squeezed lime, then kissed with some Coco Real.​ 12

Spicy Sriracha Mule

Heat things up with this mule! Made with Angel Fire Vodka, fresh mint, Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer, fresh squeezed lime and Sriracha.​ 12

Fresh & Skinny

Fresh & Skinny-tini

Why say no, when it feels so good to say YES! This martini is made with Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, 
St. Germain Elderflower Liquer, fresh squeezed lime juice and grapefruit juice. 12

Light Mule

This mule likes to watch it's weight. Made with Absolut Vodka, fresh mint, fresh squeezed lime, grapefruit bitters, and Barritts Diet Ginger Beer. 11.5

Skinny Margarita

This margarita will have you saying flaco in no time. Made with El Tesoro 100% Platinum Tequila, fresh squeezed lime and orange juices, and hint of agave nectar with a half salted rim. 11

Skinny Cosmo

Jinja's own guilt free Cosmopolitan! This libation is crafted with AO Rice Vodka, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, fresh squeezed lime and cranberry juice. Shaken to perfection and served up! 12

Shy Mojito

Skinny and delicious! This mojito is not shy from rum, just shy from calories. Made with freshly muddled mint, fresh squeezed limes, Bacardi Superior Light Rum, sweetened with Agave nectar, 
and topped off with soda water. 12

Grapefruit Margarita

The perfect blend of flavors to pucker the pallet! With Espolón 100% de Agave Tequila Blanco, St. Germain, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Ruby Red grapefruit juice. Finished with a lime wheel and a salted rim. 12

Tiki Bowls


Originated at La Flordita bar in Havana in the 1930's, this distinctive cocktail blends Bacardi Superior Light Rum, Myers's Spiced Rum, pineapple, lime, and papaya Juice. We light this extraordinary drink on fire and serve it in a communal party bowl. Don't say we didn't warn you!

2 straws $24.99 / 4 straws $35.99

Monkey Bowl

Drink the "Holy Grail" of trader Vic's original communal kava bowl. A blend of premium aromatic rums, fresh fruit juices, and exotic flavored syrups make this Mai Tai style drink a favorite 
you can share with friends or family.

2 straws $24.99 / 4 straws $35.99

Scorpion Bowl

Originally created at The Hut in Honolulu and later adapted by Trader Vic. This Tiki Bowl is made up of a festive concoction of Bacardi Superior Light Rum, brandy, fresh fruit juices, and almond syrup. 

2 straws $24.99 / 4 straws $35.99

Martinis & Cosmos

The Mandarin Blossom

A top shelf Cosmopolitan, made with Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lemon and lime juices, and a splash of cranberry. 12

Acai Berry Cosmo

This cosmo is berry delicious!  Made with Absolut Acai Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, fresh lemon and lime juices, and fresh blackberries. 12

Pomegranate Martini

Light and refreshing with fresh lime juice, Absolut Citron, and Pama Pomegranate Liquor. 
This simple yet elegant martini has become an instant classic. 12

Strawberry Passion

Who doesn't love strawberries. We've taken the traditional Strawberry Daquiri and elevated it a notch. Chilled and served up, you gotta try it. Our strawberry puree with Abslout Citron, St Germain muddled mint and lime. 12


Exotic and refreshing. Fresh muddled mint, lime juice, tropical guava nectar and delicious Cruzan Guava Rum. This exotic Jinja original will send you to paradise! 12

Amaretto Lemon Drop

Hangar One Citron vodka, Disaronno Amaretto, fresh
lemon and lime juice served up with a sugared rim. 12

Lemon Gingertini

Another exciting Jinja Exclusive! We take our favorite candied Ginger and muddle it with Fresh Lemon Juice, locally made Algodones Ginebra Gin & Ginger Liquor, shake it and serve it straight up. What's not to love? 12


A refreshing martini made with Absolut Pear vodka,
St. Germain liqueur, house-made lemongrass simple
syrup and fresh squeezed lime. 12

Cucumber & Saki Tini

Fresh cucumbers, Effen Cucumber Vodka and TyKu Cucumber Sake; with just a touch of lime and lemongrass simple syrup, crisp and delicious. Think you can have just one? 12

The Aviator

Introduced in the movie, Catch Me If You Can, this martini is crafted with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Créme Yvette, fresh squeezed lemon, served with a cherry garnish, and a sugar rim. 12




Classic Margarita

Jinja's house margarita made with Azteca Tequila, triple sec, and fresh lemon and lime juices. 10

Silver Coin Margarita

Our version of this Santa Fe favorite is a must
for the margarita connoisseur. El Tesoro Platinum
Tequila, Cointreau, agave nectar and
fresh squeezed lime juice. 12

Grand Gold

Feelin' lucky? Handcrafted with El Tesoro Anejo Tequila, Grand Marnier, refreshing lemon and lime juices. This margarita hits the jackpot. 13

Cadillac Margarita

Add a touch of class with this premium margarita. Handcrafted using El Tesoro Anejo Tequila, Grand Marnier, and fresh squeezed orange and lime juices. 13

Bikini Margarita

Find a beach and indulge in this light, crisp cocktail, handcrafted with fresh, muddled cucumbers, Patrón Silver Tequila, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and refreshing lemon and lime juices. 16

The Ritz

This was Hemmingway's favorite cocktail when staying at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, concocted with Asombroso La Rosa Tequila, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and fresh squeezed lime juice. 13

Santa Fe Sunset Margarita

Introduced and handcrafted by our Santa Fe mixologists, this margarita resembles the breath-taking sunsets of New Mexico. Made with Espolón Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, a touch of Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur, enhanced with mango and blood orange puree. Beautifully delicious! 12

Prickly Pear Margarita

A little sweet to the sour with Patron Silver Tequila, Cointreau, prickly pear juice, and lemon and lime juices. 12

Pomegranate Margarita

Mexico meets exotic fruit! This margarita is made with El Tesoro Platinum Tequila, Pama Liqueur, and fresh squeezed lemon and lime juices. 11

Blue Margarita

Welcome to Paradise! Made with Espolón Blanco 100% Agave Tequila, Blue Curaçao, and refreshing lemon and lime juices. 11

Lava Flow Margarita

We have perfected the frozen margarita with our signature Lava Flow Margarita! Espolón Blanco Tequila, triple sec, mango, and strawberry, garnished with a tropical orchid. Reward yourself with this one-of-a-kind experience. 11.5

Local Libations

Hacienda Martini

Our signature house martini, made with Hacienda Gin, kissed with Martini and Rossi dry vermouth, a splash of fresh olive juice and garnished with freshly stuffed, bleu cheese olives! 13

Plaza Manhattan

Taste what the 505 Martini has to offer! This Manhattan starts with Taos Lightning Governor's Reserve Rye Whiskey, Punt E Mes Vermouth, house blend ,of Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged and Angostura bitters, Luxardo Brandied Cherry-Stirred, not shaken and served up! 13

Cranberry Old Fashioned

This local spin on a classic is made with Taos Lightning Governor's Reserve Rye Whiskey, muddled cranberries, brown sugar, dash of cranberry bitters, fresh orange and lemon, stirred to perfection by our mixologists for your satisfaction! 12

Autumn Belle

This cocktail is made with Colkegan Santa Fe spirits Whiskey, Peach Schnapps, fresh peach purée, fresh

squeezed lemon juice and a few dashes of peach bitters! 12

Grapefruit Smash

Tart and tasty! Made with Taos Lightning Governor's Reserve Rye Whiskey, fresh grapefruit juice, ginger ale, fresh lemongrass simple syrup and finished with a few dashes of grapefruit bitters. 11.5

Cucumber Gin Fizz

A spin on the old classic. Made with Left Turn Brother's Old Tom Gin, Jinja's fresh lemongrass syrup, fresh muddled cucumbers, a splash of club soda. Refreshing and delicious!  11.5

Lemon Blossom

This cocktail blooms year around! Made with Algodones Ginebra Gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liquor, fresh lemon, a hint of honey and finished with a few dashes of lavender bitters. Garnished with a fresh flower. 12

La Llorona

This Bloody Mary has Angel Fire Vodka, Bloody Maria all natural green chile infused Bloody Mary mix, and is garnished with local Barrio Brinery Pickles!  11.5

Artisan Sake

Moonstone Asian Pear Sake


Creamy, rich and filled with intense tropical flavors of coconut and banana. 

4 oz. glass $9

Ty-Ku Cucumber Sake

Junmai Infusion. Nara Prefecture.
Delicate, light and refreshing with a smooth finish. Infused with the all-natural crisp flavor of fresh cucumber. 

4 oz. glass $12

Wine List

White Wine

Cavit "Lunetta" Prosecco (187ml), Trentino, Italy  glass 10

Gruet Brut, Albuquerque, NM  glass 10 • bottle 36

Gruet Rose, Albuquerque, NM  glass 12 • bottle 23

Pikes Riesling, Clare Valley, South Australia  glass 11 • bottle 40

Charles & Charles Riesling, WA  glass 9 • bottle 32

14 Hands Pino Grigio, Columbia Valley, WA  glass 9 • bottle 32

Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy  glass 12 • bottle 44

Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Barbara, CA  glass 9 • bottle 32

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand  glass 11 • bottle 40

14 Hands Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, WA  glass 9 • bottle 32

Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, CA  glass 10 • bottle 36

Joseph Drouhin "Laforet" Chardonnay, Burgundy, France  glass 11 • bottle 40

Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, CA  glass 12 • bottle 44

Red Wine

Latour "Valmoissine" Pino Noir, Coteaux du Verdon, France  glass 10 • bottle 36

La Crema Pino Noir, Sonoma Coast, CA  glass 12 • bottle 44

Campo Viejo Tempranillo, Rioja, Spain  glass 9 • bottle 32

14 Hands Merlot, Columbia Valley, WA  glass 9 • bottle 32

Ghost Pines Merlot, Napa, CA  glass 12 • bottle 44

Septima Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina  glass 10 • bottle 36

Alamos Seleccion Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina  glass 12 • bottle 44

Coppola Claret, Napa, CA  glass 11 • bottle 40

Hey Mambo, CA  glass 10 • bottle 36

Cline Zinfandel  glass 9 • bottle 32

Casa Rodena Cabernet Franc, Los Ranchos, Albuquerque, NM  glass 12 • bottle 44

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia, WA  glass 9 • bottle 32

Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast, CA  glass 10 • bottle 36